Ante Aikios første bok om Aigi og hans reise til samenes mytiske verden i engelsk oversettelse. Boka er oversatt til engelsk av Ville Miettinen og er også oversatt til nordsamisk. Originaltittel er Jänkäjärven syöverit på finsk og gitt ut i 2013.

Ante Aikios first book about Aigi and his journey into the mythical world of the Sami people in english traslation. His journey starts with a race for the first ray of sunlight of the New Year, and continues with a plunge into the wondrous Saivo realm to search for a childhood friend. On the journey the knowledge of beings such as the gobmi, skammaidas and other fantastic creatures will surely be needed.

Fathoms of the Fenlake is a groundbreaking fantasy story. A solid nature connection, ingenuity and courage along with mystical powers have always been present in the Sami culture. The colorful pantheon has survived the attempts to abolish it, and the Aigi-saga draws from that legendary folklore.

Jänkäjärven syöverit (2013) is translated into english by Ville Miettinen.

ISBN: 9878-9-5293566-6-9. Goranus, 2015. Kan kjøpes fra Korpilaanishop 15.90 €/E-bok hos adlibris)