Religions around the Arctic: Source Criticism and Comparisons

På et seminar avviklet ved universitetet i Bergen i 2018 var lærde fra Danmark, Finland, Norge  og Sverige samlet for å presentere og diskutere forskjellige former for kildekritikk og sammenligninger med eksempler fra Arktis og subarktiske regioner av Eurasia og Nord-Amerika. Et utvalg av foredragene som ble holdt på dette seminaret er nå publisert i dette nummeret.

Håkan Rydving, og Konsta Kaikkonen er redaktører. Engelsk tekst.

At a seminar at the University of Bergen, Norway, in September 2018, scholars from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden presented and discussed various forms of source criticism and comparison with examples from the Arctic and Sub-Arctic regions of Eurasia and North America. A selection of the papers read at the seminar are published in this volume.

Each of the chapters in the first part compares local phenomena from two or more cultural contexts.

The second part gives examples of different forms of source criticism in the analysis of indigenous Sami religion. The functions of a newly found ritual drum is discussed in relation to contemporary written sources (Dikka Storm & Trude Fonneland), the court proceedings from a witchcraft trial in 1692 is discussed with the help of Gérard Genette’s category ‘voice’ (Liv Helene Willumsen), and a content analysis of an introduction to indigenous Sami religion shows that the editor added text of his own to the original manuscript (Konsta Kaikkonen).

In the third part, the area is widened to other parts of the Arctic. Here, a selection of theoretical perspectives is used to illuminate local empirical material. They give examples of how Native North American bear rituals and sweat bath traditions can be analysed with the help of an ecology of religion model and ritual theories, respectively (Riku Hämäläinen), of how Soviet researchers used the concepts of ‘spirits’ and ‘gods’ when they analysed the world view of the Nganasan (Olle Sundström), and of how representatives of academia have been instrumental in the ‘finding, claiming, and authorizing’ of Sakha religions (Liudmila Nikanorova).

ISBN: 978-91-7635-183-3. Stockholm University Press, 2022. 292 s. Heftet. (kan også kjøpes gjennom Adlibris)/E-pub: 978-91-7635-181-9. PDF: 978-91-7635-180-2