Rivers to cross – Sami land use and the human dimension

Conflicts are a recurrent theme of this publication; the dispute between the Finnish state and environmental protective Sami over nature conservations policies, the essence of consultations in conflicts regarding natural resource management involving reindeer herders and forestry in northern Sweden, the psychosocial conditions of reindeer herders in
southern Swedish Sápmi where conflicts are a main cause of the stressful situation, and the problematic balance between modern economy and traditional sustenance in the western Kola Peninsula are issues addressed by the authors.
Dating reindeer herding settlements, initiatives to introduce reindeer herding in Canada, the ratification of the ILO Convention No. 169, storytelling, Sami films, historical elderly mortality, indigenous polio research and the ageing population are other topics that are represented. Rivers to Cross – Sami Land Use and the Human Dimension includes twelve representations of current research devoted to the Sami society.
ISBN 978-91-7459-431-7. Umeå : Centrum för samisk forskning, Umeå universitet, 2012. 198 s. 250:-